Tuesday, September 22, 2009

What Can the Council Do #1

People ask, what can the Hudson Common Council do to make a difference? It can focuson growth in jobs and in small and large businesses, controlling and reducing taxes, affordable housing and job training, support for working families, preserving the quality and character of our diverse communities.

Then, it can put these priorities first. Work closely with the people and organizations, public and private, that are smart and effective at stimulating growth and a healthy city. Then we need to ask where city or county laws and ordinances can help, and where they get in the way.

Why do I want the job? I’ve spent my career in public service and my life working for my communities. I believe I have the experience, credentials, principles—and the desire—to make a measurable contribution to Hudson at a time when pulling together and giving back can make all the difference in the world for Hudson’s future.